Argo Blockchain Asked Nasdaq To Suspend Shares Trading

Argo Blockchain Asked Nasdaq To Suspend Shares Trading

The British Mining Company Argo Blockchain Asked Nasdaq to Suspend Shares Trading Before A Statement ON WeedNesday, December 28.

The Company Will Release a Press Release Before The Start of the Trade Session.

According to the Company’s Twitter, ON December 16, The Exchange Notified Its of ArareedDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DAYS, Which IS A Violation of the.

New Rns: We Reced Notice from @nasdaq AS OUR ADSS HAVE CLOSED BELOW $ 1 For 30 TraDing Days

We have 180 days to cure this deficiency

No Impact to OUR Operations or LSE Listing, and No Impact to OUR ONGOING NeGOTIATIONS

Full rns: https: // t.CO/AU3TXNLKHL
#Arb $ arbk #btc

– Argo (@argoblockchain) December 16, 2022

Previously, Bitfarms Reced Such a Warning from Nasdaq.

On December 12, The London Stock Exchange Suspended Trade Shares of Argo. The Community Connected this with the Expectations of the Bankrupy Statement of the Company.

Argo Explained That the Insolvent Statement on the Network Was Erroneus. The Company Also Assured That They Were Looking for Sources of External Financing.

At the end of October, The Company Admitted That She Cold Not Complete the Contract for the Sale of Shares for £ 24 Million.

Recall, ON December 21, One of the Largest Miners of North America Core Scientific Field Anxolved Application in Accordance with Chapter 11 of the Code of Bankarnoptcy.

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In the UK, they equate cryptocurrencies with financial instruments

In the UK, they equate cryptocurrencies with financial instruments

On October 25, the House of Commons (Lower House of UK parliament) supported amendments to the bill on financial services and markets. In particular, the proposed changes include digital assets in the sphere of regulated financial services.

Member of the parliament Andrew Griffith noted that the innovation will allow the treasury to respond quickly to the events in the industry and provide a “flexible” approach to supervision.

“The bottom line is to treat them [cryptocurrencies] as another form of financial assets and not give them preference, as well as to include them in the sphere of regulation for the first time,” Coindesk quotes the words of Griffith.

One of the points of the document clarifies that crypto acts may fall under the existing provisions of the law on financial services and markets of 2000. Amendments also regulate the activities of companies registered in the UK.

“The treasury will consult about its approach with the industry and interested parties before using the powers to make sure that the structure reflects the unique advantages and risks associated with cryptocurrency,” said a member of the parliament.

The term DSA included stablecoins, “taking into account their potential for turning into a widespread payment tool”.

The draft law on financial services and markets was November 14, 2022 submitted to the UK parliament in July.

John Canliff’s previously Contribution Bank proposed to regulate cryptocurrencies by analogy with traditional finances.

Recall, on October 25, the ex-head of the Treasury and a supporter of digital assets Rishi Sunak became the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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In the UK, the coroner accused the Instagram and Pinterest algorithms for a teenager’s death

In the UK, the coroner accused the Instagram and Pinterest algorithms for a teenager’s death

The senior coronet Andrew Walker called the death of 14-year-old Molly Rose Russell Act of Affects due to depression and the negative consequences of online content. This is written by BBC.

“It would be unsafe to leave suicide as a conclusion [about the causes of death],” said Walker.

In the UK, the conclusion of the coroners is equivalent to a court decision.

The expert said that Instagram and Pinterest used algorithms leading to the “periods of binge” by materials, some of which were selected and provided to the schoolgirl without its request.

“Some content romanticized acts of self -mutilation from young people in relation to himself, and the other contributed to isolation and prevented the discussion of the problem with those who could help,” Walker said.

According to The Guardian, on the eve of her death, Russell retained, like or published more than 2,000 posts on Instagram associated with suicide, depression or harm to itself. The girl also watched 138 videos of a similar nature, including episodes with the rating “15+” ​​and “18+” from the series “13 reasons why” .

The children’s psychiatrist-consultant said at the hearing that he could not sleep normally for several weeks after studying the content on Instagram, which Russell saw shortly before his death.

In the account of the girls on Pinterest, investigators found hundreds of images related to acquaintance and suicide. It also turned out that the platform sent the schoolgirl emails with recommendations for content with such headings as “10 pins about depression that you might like”.

“It is likely that the aforementioned material, viewed by Molly, already suffering from a depressive disease and vulnerability in view of his age, negatively influenced it and more than minimally contributed to the death of the child,” Waker said.

Representatives of Meta and Pinterest apologized and admitted that Russell was faced with content on platforms that should not be there.

“We strive to ensure that Instagram provide positive experience for everyone, especially adolescents. We will carefully consider the complete report of the coroner when he provides it, ”said Meta representative.

Pinterest noted that they constantly improve the platform and strive to guarantee security for all.

“We will consider the coroner’s report with caution,” the company said.

In December 2021, the AMAZON virtual assistant ALEXA offered a 10-year-old child to perform a deadly challenger.

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